Wedding Party

Katie O'Connell Guntle - Matron of Honor

Jerome Kohne - Best Man
Jerry, Kelly, and Schmidtty in Indy

Ashlee Foltz - Bridesmaid
Ashlee and Kelly at their 1st Apartment in Chicago

Reid Swanson - Groomsman
Reid & Schmidtty at Reid's Wedding

Sarah O'Connell - Bridesmaid
Kelly and Sarah in Chicago!

Brian Wurm - Groomsman
Wurm & Schmidtty at a Cubs Game

Michelle Hibbard - Bridesmaid
Michelle visiting Kelly in Chicago

Paul Waling - Groomsman
Paul & Schmidtty at WWR!

Lindsay Simpson O'Connell - Bridesmaid
Lindsay and Kevin

Shelby Gorman - Groomsman
Shelby and his wife Kim after their Wedding

Jamie Sheets Merz - Bridesmaid
Kelly and Jamie

Jonell Haney - Groomsman
Jonell visiting Chicago

Kacie Abate - Bridesmaid
Kelly and Kacie

Tyler Kolkmeyer - Groomsman
Tyler, Kelly & Schmidtty Skydiving!

Danielle O'Connell - Bridesmaid
Danielle and Matt

Mark Braceros - Groomsman
Mark & Schmidtty at the DeFacto Crawl

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